Bridgestone tyre test at Circuito de Almeria – 31.02.-01.02.2018

The first two of the Bridgestone tyre testing days on the Andalusian circuit “Circuito de Almeria” were completed successfully on February, 01, 2018.

The eagerly awaited first exit of the Alpe Adria Yamaha R6 Cup powered by Bridgestone machine was a smooth one. Even more, extremely productive.

Peter Gastinger, PEMA suspension service. “We tested two different set ups of the standard fork, different oil levels – Motorex fork oil – and softer springs on the rear shock. The high potential of this package became very fast obvious.”

Fabian Francois, Bridgestone technician: “The R11 has confirmed all our expectations on the Yamaha R6. First roll out, new bike and new tyres and immediate fast, consitant lap times, in very difficult conditions – cold and windy – obviously we have a great potential. Milage? Front 60 laps and on the rear tyre 40 laps.”

Raimund Söllinger, Alpe Adria International Championship rider: “From the first lap I was impressed be the steering response and feedback from the front tyre. The rear tyre requires, due to it’s design, a certain adaptation of the riding style, which is no problem at all.”

Fritz Schwarz: “We are all positively surprised by the RJ27 overall package and the cooperation between the technicians involved.”

Oh, and lap times? Raimund Söllinger – Bridgestone R11 did 1.45,7! As a reference, in very cold conditions, Gerri Gesslbauer was also on the track, riding his 2017 Austrian 600 Stocksport mastership winning bike (Pirelli) – 1.45,9!