R6 Cup conversion package for RJ 27 machines – € 9,999 incl. VAT.

Since there are obviously a number of intertested riders for the Yamaha R6 Cup powered by Bridgestone who either own a R6 (RJ27) or want to use a machine from the German Cup we have been offering a conversion package since IMOT In Munich:

PRICE: € 9.999,00 incl. VAT

This package includes – upon delivery of the basic bike by you – the following:

Ready-assembled racing bike, incl. GYTR (Formerly YEC) kit harness and kit ECU and all cup bike components (www.r6cup.sundbmotorsport.com/cup-package – page 9, art.16)

All entry fees for the opening session and six race events, each offering to races

CRASH INSURANCE for the bike

Service truck with all crash and  spare parts on site – for cup participants at special prices

Tyre fitting service

Administration Services


If you have any questions, please contact +43 67684 1234 143 – ask for Andreas or send an e-mail to: administration@nullr6cup.sundbmotorsport.com